Mozilla Thimble: Issue 1918 Update (10.20.17) – Merged

bug bannerMozilla Thimble – Issue# 1918
Date Status
  • @gideonthomas suggested relocating the static string publishHeaderOnline to since it will be used by both client and server.
  • pushed new commits to be reviewed 2c50037
  • Patch suddenly stopped working

    • I started helping a @mpierre9 who was working on a similar issue 2355.
    • After updating my forked master branch, I created a new test branch. In the process I managed to make a mess of my original pull request branch and merged the new changes from master.
    • Commence panic!
    • I switched back to the branch I submitted the pull request on to retest my original fix. I somehow created an issue from an issue.
  • After testing multiple browsers and clearing the cache I came to the conclusion that my development environment somehow managed to cache the existing strings. Since the server side was displaying the new PublishHeaderOnline string it had no access to the string publishHeader
10/4/2017 – 10/5/2017
  • error when trying to launch id.webmaker services
  • uninstall/reinstall VMBox, Vagrant (NO FIX)
  • vagrant destroy + vagrant up (NO FIX)
  • attempt separate build environment on a linux machine(NO-FIX)

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